Since 2000, Setronix positions itself has a provider of equipments and services, offering a complete and reliable portfolio of solutions for tried and tested telecommunications services suitable for the most demanding of requests.

Implementation of global turnkey services

  • Installation of self-supported guyed towers, and low environmental impact
  • Site survey´s, line-of-sight (LOS) and design of technical projects;
  • Site Negotiation and licensing procedures
  • Production of project, licensing and registration dossiers
  • Electrical projects and related certification procedures
  • Structural analysis and assessment for strengthening existing structures towers and masts
  • Implementation of electric and construction infrastructures
  • Infrastructures (camouflaging solutions)
  • Site Reengineering
  • Installation and commissioning of equipments
  • Planning, manufacture and installation of light solutions
  • Special indoor installations
  • Routines for preventive and corrective maintenance of infrastructures