Radio Diffusion and Satellite Systems

More than forty-five years of experience in providing broadcast and satellite systems gives Setronix an unparalleled knowhow in the telecommunications industry, which is testified by the years of activity as well as the diversity and the importance of our accomplished projects.

Design, Construction, Installation and Maintenance of Infrastructures

  • Production of project dossiers, including electricity and construction
  • Supply and installation of transmission/reception equipments for broadcast, including respective radiant systems and infrastructure equipments (buildings, power supply system, etc)
  • Maintenance/recovery of radiant systems and antennas as well as the respective power supply lines
  • Improvement/substitution of all sorts and models of guyed lines as well as the respective fixation tools
  • Inspection/adjustment of tower and mast verticality, adjustment of the guyed lines tension and tightening of the mechanical components
  • Inspection/Repairing of nocturnal signalling systems and lightening-protection systems
  • Inspection/Repairing of landline networks
  • Recovery of buildings (external and internal painting of masonry or metallic surfaces), waterproofing, etc.